Antwerp's Most Briljant

  • As director from Joaillerie Du Centre, I declare on ode to be conform with the demands of the Label ‘Antwerp’s Most Brilliant’ and all persons representing Joaillerie Du Centre.

  • After-sales services

    In case of any problem, you can trust on our excellent after-sales services.

  • Consumer disputes

    As client and having a problem with our product?
    We will provide you written information to have access to Belmed, the mediation of FOD-Economics Belgium.

  • Export

    Tax free for non E.U. resident in case of export. We provide you all necessary information and documents for a due tax-refund.

  • By purchase of a diamond, more than one carat, is always a gemological certificate included.

Antwerp's Most Brilliant

We work according to the terms of the quality label Antwerp's Most Brilliant.

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Contact info

  • Joaillerie Du Centre BVBA
  • Vestingsstraat 14, 2018 Antwerpen
  • +32 3 233 30 10
  • +32 3 233 03 71
  • Ondernemingsnummer: BE 0404 966 189
  • RPR: Antwerpen
  • Privacy policy


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